I am here the former administrator, Spongebob789, worked in CCSW!!! Good night, Wikians! I am an admin here. And I do not want to be treaten like this. First, auron said: "Woah woah WOAH who gave you permission to go making changes like this? You do realize i spent HOURS creating the code for the coment boxes? Sorry, but you cannot just go screwing with the code. Also, 6:00AM does NOT work for me. i'm sleeping then. We will also be using SKYPE chat for all meetings not wikia since it's rubbish, freezes and is unstable. and skype can log any conversation. So, make sure you have skype installed.  Meetings are also to be hosted by lewis or myself so we CANNOT have a meeting at 6:00AM when people are sleeping or getting ready for work. Also, why is a user who "is quitting admin" making meeting propposals in the first place?" Second, I can said as: Woah woah woah Too! What do you think??? You really screwed this. I really know of Skype blah blah and Hours! Just this this, what!! YOU DO THAT! I am really quitting admin. I cannot help you anymore. I just CANNOT! >:( I really want to make a meeting just once. Doeasn't mean you are a bureaucrat that you can do anything you can! It is impossible. I do not want you mess up my project. I SPENT HOURS TO FIGURE OUT HOW CAN I CHANGING SOMETHING, I REALLY DO IT, JUST DON'T USE A HAND ON MY HAND! I really hate this, You make my plan ruins. Just once just once! You cannot let me like this Woah Woah blah blah. And do not make me wrong because this is your fault. I hate your talking and DO NOT MAKE DRAMA! You are on the drama zone. It is! I just do not want to bring Drama here, because that can be threatening. I Can make this again. I just want to help. You really ruin this. I just want to make something new as an admin, I am feeling free. But you are feeling free, So you can ruin my plan. Just because you are a bureaucrat you cannot do this!! I am not responsible of this. Third, He really MESS UP! I am not responsible once again. plus, Auron You had one mistake to me. Now I am going to retire. I also spending hours to make this plan. I can be mad, Beware! Please make a forgive, Thank you very much!

Spongebob789 Talk Thursday, 2 April 2015, 4:24 (EST)