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The Cancelled Meeting

Cancelled meeting!

Sincerely, partially inactive administrator...  Spongebob789 Talk Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 4:24 (EST)  

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Please do not use profanity, Thanks. Spongebob789. wrote:
S*** (Censored by Spongebob789 and Spongebot789 due profanity) </div>

Who the hell is that?

Spongebob789 wrote:
Hello everyone! I am going to have a new meeting on chat on 6:00am EST, 10 April 2015. I search the time i can also free. I can POSSIBLY on that meeting. That's going to be early morning. Spongey, Auron and Lewis can go as fast as they can. I am going to announce the official ad for the Lewis2567 Wiki. I can build a Twitter account! We are going to talk about it in the second meeting, We also are going to talk about comment box color changing.

Happy April Fools, Wikian. 9 more days to the meeting! Thank you very much..

Sincerely, partially inactive administrator...  Spongebob789 Talk Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 4:24 (EST)  

Woah woah WOAH who gave you permission to go making changes like this?

You do realize i spent HOURS creating the code for the coment boxes? Sorry, but you cannot just go screwing with the code.

Also, 6:00AM does NOT work for me. i'm sleeping then. 

We will also be using SKYPE chat for all meetings not wikia since it's rubbish, freezes and is unstable. and skype can log any conversation.

So, make sure you have skype installed.  

Meetings are also to be hosted by lewis or myself so we CANNOT have a meeting at 6:00AM when people are sleeping or getting ready for work.

Also, why is a user who "is quitting admin" making meeting propposals in the first place?

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