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The Cancelled Meeting

Cancelled meeting!
Sincerely, partially inactive administrator... 
Spongebob789 Talk Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 4:24 (EST)
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Lewis2567 Wiki's First Meeting

The first meeting of the Lewis2567 Wiki will be on Saturday 5:45pm EST. On Skype.
Make sure you make it there.
Any Questions?
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First Meeting of the Lewis2567 Wiki.

I want to schedule a Meeting for the Wiki. Either Skype or Wiki Chat, you guys pick.
What do you guys think about a Week Day or the Weekend?
I would like input...
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Home Page Needs to Be Organized

I would really like it if someone could organize the Home Page in templates or somthing. I just need it to look a lot more organized and I don't know how else to do that.
For an example, I would like it to look somewhat like ESB's Home Page.
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